Our team is made up of certified applicators. We not only understand formulation chemistries but we are well trained in tree physiology, environmental protection and applicator safety.
The products and methods we use will effectively manage and control the insect pests and diseases threatening your trees.Neglected trees can ruin an otherwise great looking property and also in times of drought trees need special care.
The products are directly injected into the transport vessels of trees and distributed systemically, this is a safer and more effective method than the alternative of soil and aerial application. The actual process is very similar to getting a shot from a doctor or a hospital intravenous. Using either an IV or a syringe-like injection small amounts of concentrated treatment formula are injected into the vascular system of the tree.
Once inside the tree, the trees natural processes distribute the medication throughout, where insects and diseases typically try to invade or feed, stopping the destructive pest before it can do any damage.